In this article, we will be presenting some things that you and your contractor should you remember as you decide between installing new pavement or having quick asphalt repair. Keep on reading to learn more: 


When your pavement or parking lot is usually experiencing heavy traffic, perhaps you can’t get by with a repair job. For instance, a simple patch can’t endure the pressure that excess traffic will be added to it. This, you’ll need to make another repair very fast. Otherwise, your asphalt paving will experience more severe damage that could require a total replacement.? 

The pavement’s age 

Once your vehicle reaches a particular age, you should anticipate that repairing it won’t help anymore because you won’t be able to use it for a longer time anyway. Similarly, this is true for pavements as well. When pavements are already closing to their maximized lifespan, repairing them won’t be a good idea. Aging won’t just have sufficient life left to make fixes worth it; however, it could be too brittle to take and endure the repairs. In other words, the substrate will be compromised, which can result in new damage sooner than later.? 

The extremity of the damage 

In other instances, you might not have any other option but to invest in installing a new asphalt pavement. When the damage is too extreme or big, you can’t possibly fix it without taking a toll on your pavement’s structural integrity. The pavement’s repairing cost might be more than replacing it when the damage gets too severe or too large.? 

In this case, you have to hire a contractor to have the damage checked and examined. Usually, any crack or hole bigger than ¼ inch could mean that your pavement is undergoing extensive damage. Although, the contractor can let you know some recommendations and the costs you can expect.? 


Ideally, all it takes is a great amount of budget that can cover whatever work needs to be done, regardless if it’s reinstalling new paving or just an extensive repair. Sadly, a lot of us don’t belong in such a world since many of us have limited financial capabilities particularly in terms of big purchases or costly repairs. A decent asphalt contractor can let you know when you really need to install a new pavement. However, if your budget is lacking for this to be covered, you can possibly get away with a few fixes that can offer you a couple of years or months of your asphalt’s lifespan.? 

If you are fine with going for many repairs, patching may work. However, you should be reminded that even if you will save money for a short time, you will still wind up paying for more eventually.? 

Part of your decision to replace or fix will come down to your own tolerance and budget for keeping up with the maintenance and making repairs. However, if you can’t decide which should you do, then don’t hesitate to consult with one of the best?paving companies?in town today.